Love, garlic and white wine!

Well, there is much more than that anyway! Open for over four years now, Toro Rosso restaurant offers guests a revamped menu. Is that, with the closure of La Strega in spring-time, Toro Rosso has recovered some of the staff and its leader. This allows to add foods prized by customers and thus merge the cards of both restaurants. The Toro Rosso therefore offers Italian cuisine and more grills which made its reputation over the years …

One can thus benefit from the system that customers liked to La Strega, which was owned by Antonio for 14 years before he sold it about two years. Thus, one can choose among six types of traditional pasta and decorate the nearly two dozen sauces, such as certain customary Napolitana, the Bolognese or Arrabiata and other less known but no less tasty as the Montanara (at meat and cream) or Papalina (mushrooms and pancetta) … “so we find here the same system there was in La Strega. There are some years back, when I arrived in Montreal, the concept of marrying a paste with a choice of several sauces did not exist, it is I who introduced and people love it because of the everything is primed for their taste, “said Antonio, Toro Rosso owner and chef himself …

Every evening there is a special table d’hote with several choices  to put in their mouths, from spaghetti with mussels filet mignon and at reasonable prices … pizza, pasta, veal and grilled, is what we thus find on the menu … Yes, veal, cutlets served like pasta with a choice of six sauces, including the white wine and lemon (Piccata Limone) or Pizzaiola. “But there are also several seafood dishes and fish for amateurs,” adds Angela, the friendly and welcoming manager. Not to mention salads bursting with freshness and color …

“It’s the same quality that has not changed since I was La Strega and, for years, I have also had the Amalfi! Besides, there are customers who follow me since then and I am very grateful for their loyalty. It is thanks to them that the Toro Rosso is stable and that’s important because it’s not easy at all the restoration especially at a time when prices of basic foods continue to rise … ” says Antonio.

“Here you are received with love, garlic and white wine!” Angela launch with a big smile. But it’s true that the staff is attentive and the service is truly “custom”. “I still remember the favorite dishes of our regular customers and I love feedback,” adds Antonio dynamic. By the way, against the terrace of Toro Rosso will be open until October 31, Halloween day!

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